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Shalom Bayit-NC is a group of volunteers dedicated to ending domestic abuse in our Greater Charlotte Jewish community. Judaism affirms the sanctity of life and the inherent right of each person to a life of dignity and respect. Yet in more than 20% of our Jewish homes, a campaign of power and control, of humiliation and terror, is waged every day. Many of us do not know if what is happening is abuse. Most of us don't know that our loved ones, members of our extended families and our dearest friends, are suffering in silence and shame. We hope by getting informed, you can help join the effort to end this suffering.

There is no place for domestic abuse in our Jewish community
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Help is available


If you are in immediate danger CALL 9-1-1

  • For information anytime, call the local community 24 hour crisis hotline at 704-332-2513
  • Attend the Shalom Bayit-NC support group for victims and survivors of domestic abuse
  • Link up with a Friend - a volunteer trained to help, support and advocate for those who are victims or survivors of abuse


Help and Healing


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Your Support is critical to success


Victims are most likely to look to their network of intimate family and friends for help and support. Please explore our site and learn about domestic abuse so that you can recognize the signs and be there for those you love, or recognize that you need to reach out to your community for support. Join us in promoting strong, healthy relationships by being an advocate within your family and your Jewish community. We hope the information you find is helpful and welcome your feedback


whenever you need someone

Find a Friend

Call Marsha at 704-756-9209 or Carol at 704-609-3120 and ask them to link you with a "FRIEND" from Shalom Bayit

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Support Group

We are there for each other and no one has to face hardship alone. Reach out and let us find renewed self esteem and hope together

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